Ibiza Undead

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A group of friends go on holiday to Ibiza, where they intend to party hard. However, a nightclub owner is running a business, using zombies as dancers and entertainment. It’s safe to say, that it gets a little bit out of hand, literally.

I am a fan of zombie movies, and I have to say, going into this I didn’t have any expectations. I was neutral. I knew from that title that there would be gore and people dancing. I got that. However, I was a bit unaware at how the infection started. But that’s a minor thing because what zombie fans want is gore. This had a lot more gore than I thought it would. The effects were mostly done well, except for some wobbly arm sawing and a face of a particular zombie.

If you are a person who goes clubbing you’ll like this film. It has that clubbing vibe, and I liked the vibrant colours which went with that feeling of partying in a club. It reminded me a bit of Spring Breakers, but I have to say that this had a lighter atmosphere to it, which clearly helped with the jokes. I did laugh. It’s not laugh out loud funny, but it’s still funny. I also liked the chemistry of the actors, they worked well together.

I have to say, by the end I wanted to spend more time with these characters.

All in all, I really enjoyed this film. It’s got everything a film with that title would make you expect to have. It’s a fun film, which I would recommend.

Again, thank you for a wonderful film from Soda Pictures.

Ibiza Undead is out on 20th March 2017.



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